WLR FM Interview, Cian Murphy Talks with WLRFM Ian Noctor

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WLR FM chat with Cian Murphy around what possibilities Google+ could have for business. WLRFM

Cian Murphy was asked to give a little talk with WLRFM about Google+ and the impact it may have on facebook and online business. We were more than happy to have a chat with Ian Noctor from WLR FM and list some of the new benefits it has in the Social Networking sphere. Click the play below to have a listen.


WLR FM ask what can we predict from the new GOOGLE+ social network. 

Google+’s Circles feature is by far the best feature at the moment. We can’t wait until business profiles are brought out. The impact business profiles will have on search results will be very interesting. Firstly we want to know how Google are going to integrate Google+ into search results. We might get social recommendations. We might also see a sort of effect on Google Places  results due to business page links.


WLRFM | WLR FM – Google+ Screenshots

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