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seo-consultantIn today’s online world there is no shortage of SEO Consultants out there. The only problem you are going to face is finding one that can solve your business problem effectively and cost effectively. Many people will choose an SEO Consultant based on how many websites he has ranked in Google. What you have to remember is many keywords are very easy to rank for! Don’t be fooled by someone who managed to rank under a keyword that gets little to no searches.

Recruiting an SEO Consultant?

When you’re recruiting for an SEO consultant you should be looking for someone that can help you in the following tasks:

SEO Consultant Checklist

  • Preform a technical SEO Audit to ensure your site is search engine friendly
  • Ensure webmaster tools is installed (Bing & Google)…
  • Get to know the clients business and research keywords that can increase leads
  • Do On-Site SEO – Create search engine friendly content to get maximum results rankings and enquiries
  • Come up with a link building strategy to gain domain authority to ensure proper rankings
  • Be honest and open about the work he does as your SEO consultant
  • Show reports and progress on a monthly basis.
  • Offers a rolling monthly contract (This way he  has to work for your results to ensure you keep him on monthly)

These are just some of the elements your should hear while interviewing an SEO Consultant to take over your campaign. If they don’t mention all of these elements to you in your pitch they must have forgotten to mention it or they’re not great at what they do. Don’t just look for the elements you should hear about either. You should have a checklist handy to identify the gangsters that  are just going to take your money and outsource to cheaper agencies in places like india and the Philippines.

Identifying a Bad SEO Consultant

If they use these methods than I’d avoid using them

  • Black Hat SEO – Buying links for clients. Might work to start with but will then get you banned from Google
  • Tied into a 12 month contract – This shows a red flag they’re not confident in their work
  • Not performing techincal SEO audit and showing you results.
  • If the say “Gauranteed Number 1 in Google” – It’s impossible to know where Google will rank you.
  • Promising to submit you to 1000’s of web directories.
  • Companies that will not share how they’re doing work for you.
  • Ask who’s doing the work (Is it being outsourced without your knowledge)

We hope we’ve cleared up what you need to look for in an SEO consultant. We’ve just let you know the criteria and we match it! Fill in the form on the top right and we’ll get in contact using a medium of your choice to discuss your online goals. Lets achieve your business goals together.